Fortnite: The Release Of The Inferno Package Is Now Imminent

Fortnite Inferno Package

A few days ago the much-talked-about Hell Challenge Package appeared in the Japanese PlayStation Store. A few minutes ago, it also appeared in New Zealand. Usually, the publication of content in the oceanic country precedes that in the rest of the world by a few hours: this means that it is also coming to our parts!

The package, we remember, includes the beautiful Inferno skin , a collection tool, a cover and as many as 6 challenges, whose completion guarantees to all buyers well of 1.000 V-Buck , which can be used freely in the shop of the objects or to buy the Pass of the Battle of Season 9, ready to debut on May 7th. The official artwork of the package has also been published on the New Zealand PlayStation Store, which you can admire in all its glory at the bottom of this news. Its cost is $ 31.95 New Zealand, which is around € 19 in euros. We expect a similar price in our country too (€ 19.99, probably).

Speaking of costumes, that of the Black Widow has been withdrawn from the store. Don’t worry, however: the moment could come for the Star-Lord skin, unearthed by data miners within the game code. Meanwhile, the event dedicated to the Avengers continues today the third set of Fortnite X Avengers challenges has been made available.