Fortnite: The Shadow Bomb

Fortnite: The Shadow Bomb Is Coming And The Store’s News On April 29th

A new week begins and as usual there is also interesting news for Fortnite: in addition to a new item discovered by dataminer, the store has been updated with skins, emotes, hang gliders, picks and covers.

The first novelty is the Shadow Bomb (Bomba Ombra in Italian) which should make its appearance with the update coming between April 30th and May 1st. This object seems to be linked to Week 10 Fortnite Challenges, but at the moment there are no other details, in all probability Epic Games will reveal more information in the next few hours.

New Fortnite Skins of April 29th

As for the new contents of the store, today we find the Beastmode, Dark Vanguard, Abstrakt and Snorkel Ops skins, as well as picks, emotes and covers:

  • Beastmode Skin (Epic) – 1,500 V-Buck
  • Mauler Piccone (Epico) – 1,200 V-Buck
  • Fuel Hang-glider (Rare) – 800 V-Buck
  • Rhino Cover (Rare) – 600 V-Buck
  • Dark Vanguard Skin (Legendary) – 2,000 V-Buck
  • Deep Space Lander Hang Gliding (Epic) – 1,200 V-Buck
  • Orbital Shuttle Hang Glider (Epic) – 1,200 V-Buck
  • Abstrakt Skin (Epic) – 1,500 V-Buck
  • Boneless Emote (Rare) – 500 V-Buck
  • Snorkel Ops Skin (Rare) – 1,200 V-Buck
  • Smooth Moves Emote (Epic) – 800 V-Buck
  • Clutch Ax Piccone (Rare) – 800 V-Buck
  • Cloud Strike Hang Glider (Epic) – 1,200 V-Buck

We just have to wait a few hours to learn more about the upcoming Fortnite update scheduled for this week, which should bring in new content, including a limited-time mode, in addition to the last Week 8 Season Challenges, waiting for the Season 9 at the start presumably between 7 and 9 May.

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