Here Are The New Games Coming To PS4 This Week


If you have read the review of Mortal Kombat 11 and the review of Days Gone, in your consoles probably the discs of the aforementioned games will be almost immovable in this period. However, this does not mean that no other interesting titles are coming.

Bird Box is the first title we are dealing with today: it is an adventure that is called “difficult but relaxing” in which we will fly in the shoes of a bird. If instead, you love the pixellated action, here is Black Paradox, a roguelike shooter where we will have to survive waves of enemies strictly in pixel art.

Bomb Chicken, on the other hand, is a rather peculiar action puzzle platformer, in which I will impersonate a chicken, capable of laying bombs. From the over-explosive action, we then move on to boxing with BoxVR, which will try to make us sweat to the sound of music and boxing, precisely, complete with a counter for the calories consumed!

In Crashbots instead, we will take control of some robots to test their abilities in terms of agility, combat, and resistance, in arenas full of obstacles and traps. The End is Nigh is instead a post-apocalyptic title, in which we will impersonate Ash, one of the … “things” that survived the end of the world.

On the same genus, more or less, is Fade to Silence, set in a post-apocalyptic sub-zero world, in which we must defeat the enemies, but also the dangers of nature itself.

Finally, the picture is completed by Fell Seal: Arbiter’s Mask, a tactical turn-based RPG, Giga Wrecker Alt. , The new title of the Game Freak developers, and Tower of Dragonasia, an adventure in which you will be a dragon and we will have to defeat hordes of other dragons to reach the towers that give the game its title.

What do you think? Have you already spotted something that interests you?