Kingdom Hearts 3: Critical Mode Allows You To Disable Attractions

Kingdom Hearts 3

A few days ago Kingdom Hearts 3 welcomed Critical Mode, a new level of difficulty specifically dedicated to the best players looking for a more difficult challenge.

In this mode the enemies inflict more damage, the frequency of occurrence of situational commands is lower and the protagonists must necessarily rely on a halved amount of HP and MP. Apparently, Critical Mode has also brought with it an unexpected feature, not advertised by Square Enix: in fact, players have the opportunity to disable the mechanics of the Attractions – probably one of the most criticized of the entire production – thanks to one of the new skills introduced by Critical Mode, called “Critical Converter” .

Attractions are very powerful attacks that act in a very large area. As the name implies, they are inspired by the Disneyland rides: among them, for example, there are the Pirate Ship and the Mad Mugs. The mechanics were not appreciated even by our Antonello Bello, who in his review of Kingdom Hearts 3 wrote that the Attractions “excessively fragment the rhythm of the fights, becoming almost an annoying obstacle”. If you are among the unsatisfied, know that thanks to the Critical Mode you can now disable the activation button. Keep in mind, in any case, that in some scripted moments – as in some boss fights – they may still appear.