Minecraft: A Streamer Died After 5 Years On Hardcore Difficulty

minecraft Streamer Died

In the last hours the news that the protagonist is the streamer Philza, whose survival record in Minecraft’s Hardcore mode has been interrupted after 5 long years, is going around the world.

To put an end to what was in effect a world record was a fatal combination of a spider and a small zombie, whose fire dried up Philza’s health points. Unfortunately, things did not improve when the streamer tried to escape, as the very fast spider reached it immediately and then mortally wounded it. Unfortunately, a golden apple was not even used, which would have solved the situation by restoring the avatar’s life points.

For those who do not know what the Hardcore mode is, let’s talk about the highest difficulty among those present in the Mojang title. In addition to more aggressive mobs, players who lose their lives will see the destruction of the entire world if they play in single-player mode, while those online will only be able to stay in spectator mode on the server.

Before leaving you to the video extracted from Philza’s live, we remind you that the Village & Pillage update is, according to the developers, the biggest ever. Did you know that someone has created a mod that allows you to simulate Ray-Tracing in Minecraft?

You can watch Twitch Video Here.