Mortal Kombat: Former Netherrealm Authors Report Exhausting Crunches

Mortal Kombat

The problems in the development of Anthem highlighted by Jason Schreier Kotaku have raised public awareness on the thorny topic of crunch time, that the strict deadlines imposed by the development of the sector companies to their employees through grueling and stressful working conditions shift.

In a recent discussion initiated online by programmer James Longstreet, concept artist Beck Hallstedt and QA analyst Rebecca Rothschild with a fruitful exchange of messages published on Twitter between April 23 and 25, the three former employees of NetherRealm studios wanted to tell their work experience in the ranks of the Chicago development house.

According to reports by the three former members of the US team, compliance with the deadlines linked to the marketing of the company’s titles would have forced the company’s top management to oblige their employees to work endless shifts , with inadequate pay for their efforts and a privacy reduced to the bone due to the overcrowding of the premises made available by the software house.

Recently, even some former employees of Epic Games have reported grueling crunches to complete the development of Fortnite Battaglia Reale updates, highlighting the impossibility of respecting the stringent timing of publication of updates due to the nature of the so-called Games as Services to continuous development.