Nintendo Removes An Indie Game From The Shop: It Contained A Code Editor

Nintendo remove

If you are looking for a safe way to make Nintendo never work with you again, a developer may have found the solution. Of course, we are ironic, but it is strange what happened with the indie videogame A Dark Room on Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has in fact removed the game, a sort of text adventure, from its own shop after its developer revealed that it contained a code editor as if it were a kind of easter egg. Author Amir Rajan candidly revealed it on his social media channels, telling of a Ruby Machine to be discovered in the game.

Ruby is a high-level programming language that could theoretically make players write and start their own custom apps on Nintendo Switch, without having to hack the console. The apps would, of course, have been linked to the game and only available when the videogame was in operation, and given the admission of the developer himself, the good faith (topped off by a good dose of ingenuity) of the latter is clear, but one can clearly understand because at Nintendo it is important to avoid such situations.

As mentioned at the beginning, the title is no longer available on the shop in any version, and it is not clear whether it will be available again in the future. Meanwhile, rumors continue on Nintendo Switch Mini, a new version of the console to complement the current one.