PC Gaming: Will 20 Million Players Switch To Consoles By 2022?

PC Gaming

According to a report by Jon Peddie Research, as many as twenty million PC gamers are preparing to switch to consoles within the next three years: the analysis company predicts a not too bright future for PC Gaming, to the advantage of consoles and streaming services.

According to the words of the analysis company, the arrival of consoles with 4K and Ray Tracing support (like PlayStation 5 ) and the diffusion of low-cost streaming services (let’s think of Google Stadia, PlayStation Now and Project xCloud) could push PC players to switch to consoles.

Approximately 20 million players could make the “Switch” from the PC platform to PlayStation 4 / PlayStation 5, Xbox One / Xbox Scarlett, Google Stadia and Nintendo Switch in the next three years, ie by 2022.

Jon Peddie Research foresees a declining future for PC gaming, because of the too high prices of the hardware, the lack of exclusive weight and the excessive fragmentation of digital stores, which are more and more numerous, but in fact with prices almost aligned between them, with the exception of some specific promotions but now increasingly present also on PlayStation Store and Xbox Store.

Do you agree with this analysis or do you believe that the PC Gaming still has a bright future ahead of itself in the coming years?