Saints Row: The Third On Nintendo Switch New Video On Memorable Moments

Saints Row The Third

Illustrated in detail the pre-order bonuses of Saints Row The Third for Switch, the leaders of Deep Silver pack a new video that celebrates the amazing deeds of the anti-heroes of the free-roaming action of Volition waiting for the chaos on Nintendo’s hybrid console to unleash again.

The first episode of “Saints Row The Third: Memorable Moments” traces the battles fought by the Third Street Saints gang to take control of the town of Stillwater: from the robbery to the 1st National Bank in the company of The Boss to the unlikely beverage marketing campaign “Saints theme” starring Pierce, the video helps those who are only now approaching this series to deepen their knowledge of the most iconic characters and opens a window on the madness with purplish hues that awaits the old and new fans of the Saints on Nintendo Switch.

The next episodes of this unusual series of “video revisions” will be broadcast by Deep Silver near the release of the Full Package version of Saints Row 3, scheduled for May 10 on Switch. In this new edition, the acrobatic action sandbox from Volition will gain more defined graphics, the controls adapted to the Joy-Con key layout and the entire content package and post-launch update of the original version, including the improvements and additions to the character editor.