Surprise: The Two-Dimensional Platform Shovel Knight Is Actually A 3D Game

Shovel Knight

After going on a hunt for Fallout 3 ‘s Easter egg, Shesez’s YouTube channel manager dedicates the new installment of the “Boundary Break” video analysis series to Shovel Knight, the excellent action-platform from Yacht Club Games inspired by adventures in sliding and two-dimensional Metroidvania of the early 1990s.

Using the game’s glitches to force the game’s view into a different perspective and being able, by doing so, to “get off the map”, Shesez discovered that Shovel Knight is not a 2D title at all but that, on the contrary, it is immersed in a completely three-dimensional environment.

Intrigued by the approach used by Canadian authors to create this great little gem of indie production, the author of the “Boundary Break” series called on a member of the development team, programmer David D’Angelo, to understand the real reason of this unusual choice.

According to D’Angelo, the decision to use a 3D graphics engine was taken in the early stages of project development to facilitate debugging and, above all, to make it compatible with as many platforms as possible and to speed up porting. Before leaving you to this nice video, let’s inform Shovel Knight fans that the Showdown expansion will arrive late, presumably due to the efforts made by the North American team on the new Cyber Shadow project realized in collaboration with Mechanical Head Games for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch.