Twitch Prime: May Free Games Announced


In April, subscribers to the Twitch Prime service were able to download games like Her Story, InnerSpace, Joggernauts and Keep in Mind Remastered, today the platform announced the free Twitch Prime games for the month of May.

From May 1st, all subscribers will be able to add five new titles to their library: Whispering Willows, Stealth Bastard Deluxe, The Little Acre, Majesty 1 and Majesty 2. These games are also joined by current loots:

  • World of Tanks: Charlie Care Package (expires April 30)
  • Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Customization Bundle (expires May 6)
  • League of Legends Special Summoner’s Crown Pack (expires May 14)
  • StarCraft 2 Get the Swann Machined Bundle (expires May 22)

Until September 24th, subscribers can also redeem twelve months of Nintendo Switch Online subscription, a great opportunity to try the Kyoto multiplayer service at no cost, undoubtedly a nice gift for Twitch Prime users.

The free Twitch Prime games of April will remain available for download until 11.59pm tomorrow, Tuesday 30 April, from Wednesday 1 May instead of the new titles shown above.