Anthem: Collapses The Number Of Active Players, Reported Problems With Matchmaking

Anthem Collapses

There is no peace for Anthem: in the last few days, the number of active users on the BioWare game seems to have fallen dramatically, so much so as to have caused problems in matchmaking in some modes, for which it is not possible to find a sufficient number of users.

Despite the substantial updates of the last few weeks, the community does not seem to have trusted BioWare and Anthem is suffering from a continuous lack of players, especially in some GM2 and GM3 activities and for more advanced levels, where active users fail to form a complete team. This situation has also caused problems for the loot system, with high-end activities that give less substantial loot than the GM1 activities.

BioWare announced that it has postponed some content to fix Anthem bugs and technical problems, and will soon debut PC Test Servers to allow real-time feedback before new options, modes and content are published.

The studio and publisher Electronic Arts seem to have full confidence in Anthem’s future even if the commercial results do not seem to live up to expectations at the moment, although EA has not yet biased in this regard