Catherine: Full Body The Digital Pre-orders Are Starting, A Bonus Theme Is Provided

Catherine Full Body

It is now possible to perform Catherine: Full Body’s digital pre-order on the PlayStation Store before the launch on September 3, 2019. All those who make the digital pre-order will receive an exclusive static theme that depicts Rin, Catherine, and Katherine, which will be downloadable immediately after making the pre-order.

About Catherine: Full Body

  • A Full-Bodied Remaster: Catherine’s captivating story returns in Catherine: Full Body, bigger and better than ever. Improved graphics and gameplay, brand new music, advanced multiplayer options and much more await you in this alluring new title;
  • Frantic puzzles: Looking for a challenge? Catherine: Full Body contains about 500 puzzles, more than twice the original game! Furthermore, the ‘Arrange Mode’ adds complex blocks connected to familiar levels and requires new techniques and strategies;
  • It’s Not Cheating: Do you just want to enjoy the story? The ‘Safety Mode’ offers players the opportunity to activate ‘Auto-Play’ at any time during a puzzle, allowing you to sit down and enjoy Vincent’s tragic story.

Vocal cast
Catherine: Full Body includes a series of brand new cut-scenes and animated videos and totally new narrative paths. ATLUS is pleased to announce that the entire original cast of the original Catherine will make her return in this new title, including:

  • Troy Baker as Vincent, our tormented protagonist;
  • Laura Bailey as Catherine, the bewitching dream girl of Vincent;
  • Michelle Ruff as Katherine, Vincent’s long-term girlfriend;
  • In addition, Brianna Knickerbocker makes her debut as Catherine’s new central character: Full Body’s, Rin, a mysterious girl with no memory that one day suddenly appears in Vincent’s life, changing her forever;
  • …and many others!

“Heart’s Desire” Premium Edition by Catherine: Full Body

“Heart’s Desire” Premium Edition by Catherine: Full Body will also be available, which will include a Collector’s Box reminiscent of Vincent’s many nightmares. Catherine’s “Heart’s Desire” Premium Edition: Full Body will also include:

  • A plush sheep: join the herd with a soft plush sheep, complete with Vincent’s pink polka-dot boxer! (About 5 “in length);
  • Soundtrack: combine it with a bottle of wine; this CD contains a collection of Catherine’s musical pieces: Full Body;
  • Art Book with hardcover: the stimulating illustrations by the Lead Designer, Shigenori Soejima, are collected in this beautiful art book with a hardcover;
  • Metal case: protect your deepest and darkest secrets in this steel book that depicts Rin, Catherine and Katherine.

It is also possible to pre-order Catherine ‘s Launch Edition: Full Body, available with a limited edition metal case depicting Rin, Catherine, and Katherine. The Catherine Edition: Full Body will be available in the West on September 3rd, 2019.