Days Gone: Reported Crash Reports After The 1.06 Patch

Days Gone Patch

Following its debut on the shelves, Days Gone is constantly updating thanks to the updates to which the developers of Sony Bend are working continuously these days.

As we reported to you this morning, Days Gone has been updated to version 1.06, after the development team had already launched a new open world update during the weekend. Although the update has contributed to improving the performance of the game and to correcting some small technical problems, it seems that there are also unpleasant side effects involved. Several users have in fact reported on Reddit that, after installing the patch in question, their PS4 has suffered some sudden crashes, which sometimes do not even allow access to the main game menu. Some, even, report problems turning on the console, which force you to unplug and re-plug the power cord. And you, did you encounter problems like this after the 1.06 update?

We remind readers that Days Gone is now available exclusively for PlayStation 4. On our pages, you can consult the Guide to upgrade and repair Deacon’s bike.