Days Gone: The Audio Bug Is Still Present After The 1.05 Patch

Days Gone The Audio Bug

Yesterday Sony Bend published the 1.05 patch of Days Gone, this update has correct bugs, glitches, and technical problems, improving the general stability and fluidity of the game, however, the audio problem has not yet been solved.

As is known, Days Gone suffers from the day one of an audio bug that at random intervals completely blocks the sound flow, thus preventing voices, music, and effects from being reproduced correctly. Sony Bend seems to be aware of this problem, however, it is clear that the studio is still working to fix the bug since in patch 1.05 this is still present.

Almost certainly the problem will be solved with the 1.06 update, we can expect a hotfix already this week, considering how the studio has proved particularly receptive to community feedback.

Days Gone debuted in first place in the United Kingdom, marking the best launch of the year in England for the retail market, undoubtedly positive targets for the new exclusive PlayStation.