Death Stranding: Is Hideo Kojima Assembling The New Trailer?

death stranding hideo kojima

During the Tribeca Film Festival, Hideo Kojima announced that the new trailer for Death Stranding will arrive approximately in a month … and in fact, it seems that the video in question is now in preparation.

The Japanese producer has published on his Instagram profile a photo showing the screen of a video editing software together with the game’s logo, unfortunately without any accompanying caption. Kojima may have enjoyed ” trolling ” the players, or his goal is just to raise the hype ahead of the Death Stranding trailer scheduled for May …

At the moment unfortunately it is not possible to know more, in recent days there has also been talking of the possible arrival of Death Stranding on PC, a hypothesis that Kojima himself did not want to confirm or deny directly, thus fueling the hopes of those who wish to be able to play with this title on platforms other than PlayStation 4.

Another recent rumor speaks instead of a possible launch of Death Stranding on PlayStation 5, even in this case, however, all is quiet by Sony and Kojima Productions.