Final Fantasy 12 The Zodiac Age Now Available On Xbox One And Nintendo Switch

Final Fantasy 12

Following the release of Final Fantasy X and X2 HD Remastered on Xbox One and Switch, the flagship consoles from Microsoft and Nintendo welcome a new chapter in the Final Fantasy saga.

This is Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age, which, after selling around 6,100,000 copies worldwide, now becomes available on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch. The game is presented as a remastered version in full HD of the original title, characterized by graphic details and improved audio quality.

On the narrative front, Final Fantasy XII teleports the videogicators inside Ivalice, in the Kingdom of Dalmasca, a world steeped in magic and in which fascinating airships ply the skies. However, the country will be the victim of the devastating war between the Empire of Archadia and the Empire of Rozaria. At the center of the narrated events, the player finds two iconic heroes:

  • Vaan: the young man lost his family due to the war and now lives only in the occupied city of Rabanastre. The boy’s disposition is nevertheless that of a free spirit, who dreams of being able to sail the skies of the Kingdom and to become airborne;
  • Ashe: Princess of the Kingdom of Dalmasca, the only heir to the throne, will lead a desperate resistance, in an attempt to free her homeland from the imperial yoke.

After the publication of Final Fantasy 12 the Zodiac Age on PC, now even active players on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch have the chance to discover or rediscover, this famous Square Enix adventure: will you take advantage of it?