For CEO Sundar Pichai Google Stadia Manages To “Win Over People”

Google Stadia

During a recent financial meeting, Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, answered some questions related to the new videogame project of the Company: Google Stadia.

On this occasion, Pichai shared several considerations regarding the reception noted by Stadia among the publishers of the gaming world. Referring to the latter, the CEO said he had not found ” hostility in the strict sense “. However, he stressed that these actors want to verify the level of commitment and dedication that Google intends to invest in the Stadia project. Pichai, therefore, described the relationship with the publisher as ” a joint effort “, which is working well. 

The Google CEO then continued: ” We see genuine exaltation because I think they see the opportunity for a change, a turning point, but they have understood the technical challenge in achieving something like this “. Pichai finally says he is very optimistic about the potentialities connected to a test with the hand of the technology behind Google Stadia, which, once tested, ” completely conquers people.  In order to repay investors for their trust, Google aims to package a ” convincing service later this year. 

Recently, Phil Harrison, Vice President of Google, also discussed of Stadia broadband requirements For more details, we would like to highlight a special made by our Alessandro Bruni, in which they have analyzed doubts and potential of Google Stadia.