Fortnite 8.60: When Will The New Update Be Released?

Fortnite 8.60

Epic Games seems determined to break the tradition that wanted the publication of Fortnite weekly updates scheduled for Tuesday: at the moment there is no trace of the 8.60 patches, when will it arrive? Let’s be clear.

It seems very unlikely that the Fortnite update 8.60 could come out today (Tuesday, April 30th) since nothing was announced on Epic’s social channels, generally the studio publishes with a few hours in advance the message that warns of any downtime, usually scheduled between 10:00 and 14:00, Italian time.

The most concrete hypothesis is that the 8.60 updates could debut tomorrow, Wednesday, May 1, even if a possible postponement to Thursday, May 2, together with the Week 10 Challenges, the last of Season 8 is not excluded.

The 8.60 patches will endow the Shadow Bomb Dark Grenade, in addition to bug fixes and technical improvements, in all likelihood they will also make their appearance the new Extraordinary Time Challenges emerged thanks to the work of the dataminer …

Meanwhile, the Fortnite store has been updated with the Hell Challenges Package and the Star-Lord skin of the Guardians of the Galaxy!