Fortnite: A Leak Reveals The New Extraordinary Time Challenges!

Fortnite A Leak Reveals

The work of the Fortnite dataminer continues, who have discovered the existence of new Extraordinary Time Challenges, apparently arriving this week or at the latest in early May, just before the start of Season 9.

Extraordinary Time Challenges allow you to unlock additional styles for skins and other exclusive content related to the Battle Pass, which is why you think they can make their appearance between the end of the current season and the start of Season 9, hypothesis this decidedly more probable, as also pointed out by the leaker LucasIsYoshi.

Fortnite: Extraordinary Time Challenges

  • Get to level 23 of the Battle Pass
  • Complete all Overtime Time Challenges
  • Find coins in the reported islands (Creative Mode)
  • Comes in the top 10 teams
  • Hit the enemies
  • Enter the top 10 pairs
  • Survive your enemies
  • Reach level 71 of the Battle Pass
  • Get level 87 (Battle Pass)

We remind you that the new Inferno Challenges accessible now are also available by purchasing the homonymous package for sale for 19.99 euros, which also contains a skin, a cover and other aesthetic bonuses. In the meantime, we look forward to discovering the contents of the Fortnite weekly update due to arrive on Wednesday, May 1st.