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Fortnite: Still Cheating Charges At The World Cup Qualifiers

Turbulent times for Epic Games’ battle royale. The umpteenth accusation of cheating has hit Fortnite. It seems, in fact, that a well-known professional player has been accused of cheating during the qualifications for the July World Cup.

Last weekend was the third round (of the ten scheduled) dedicated to qualifying for the final phase of the Epic Games maxi tournament.

One of the players who qualified for the North American region was ” XXiF “, under the well-known North American organization Rise Nation.

” HighSky “, another pro player, published a video on Twitter in which he publicly accused XXiF of not using fraudulent programs, but of collaborating with other players to obtain easy points (remember that the mode was Solo).

The video would seem to show “XxiF” which, at the beginning of a match, suspectly eliminates two players in rapid sequence. The suspicion fell just on the way too light (taking into account the level of the opponents and the behavior held by them) with which “XxiF” would have eliminated the other two players, one of which is known to be his friend.

XXiF finished second in the third qualifying match, earning 4,000 Dollars and a place in the World Cup. Now that the prosecution is in the public domain, it’s up to Epic Games to analyze the offending gameplay and decide if there is enough evidence to determine the cheat. Epic has already revealed that it has its own algorithm that helps to understand players who are implicitly cooperating in Solo mode.

If it turns out that XXiF has cheated, then the account will be officially banned and will be obliged to return both the prize pool and the World Cup qualifying pass. We will see how the affair will end. The path to the World Cup still looks very bumpy, so Epic will be asked to do a super job to redeem itself and show that Fortnite can really be a competitive title.

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