Fortnite: The Hell Package Costs 19.99 Euros, Here’s What It Contains

Fortnite The Hell Package

As anticipated this morning, the Inferno Challenges Package by Fornite has finally made its appearance in the store, so far the content was only available in New Zealand, now also in Europe and North America.

But what exactly does the Hell Challenge Package contain? At the price of 19.99 euros, this DLC includes the costume hell, cover and pickaxe theme and access to six different challenges that will allow you to get rewards of up to 1,000 V-Buck once completed.

Undoubtedly good content awaiting Fortnite update 8.60 which should make its debut tomorrow (Wednesday, May 1) or at the latest Thursday, May 2 along with Week 10 Challenges, the last of Season 8. During the night the dataminer revealed, however, the return of the Extraordinary Time Challenges, the latter should only make their appearance in mid-May, at the start of Fortnite Season 9.

Recall that the skin of the Guardians of the Galaxy Star-Lord is now available in the shop for the Fortnite x Avengers EndGame event, the costume is accompanied by a pickaxe and themed hang glider.