Fortnite: The Maximum Number Of Players Per Party Has Increased From 4 To 16!

Fortnite Players

Epic Games has finally made available one of the most requested features ever by Fortnite players: parties are now able to host up to 16 participants! The previous limit, we recall, was set at 4.

This means that from now on you can join the fray with 15 of your friends at the same time in all game modes or MATs that support teams with more than 4 players, including the Creative Mode. This news, we are sure, will mark the future of the competitions that take place in games with a high number of participants, such as Rissa a Squadra and 50 vs 50, as it will greatly facilitate communication between team members. Until now, the most organized and willing clans necessarily had to rely on external game solutions, such as PSN and Xbox Live party chat, or Discord.

What do you think of this news? We take this opportunity to remind you that, after numerous rumors, the Inferno Challenges Package was finally put up for sale at a price of 19.99 euros.