GTA 6 Rumor: Will It Be Possible To Explore Vice City And Liberty City?


A few days after the appearance of GTA 6 in the resume of a former Rockstar employee, rumors that give the US gaming giant is already working on the next chapter of Grand Theft Auto are back on the net.

The latest rumors collected by Dexerto’s colleagues describe the GTA VI project as extremely ambitious and capable, as the Great R has accustomed us now with masterpieces of the caliber of Red Dead Redemption 2, to establish a new quality standard in the world of action in the world open.

Based on the revelations shared by the anonymous source, we learn that GTA 6 should tell the story of a powerful drug trafficker, covering a time span long enough to allow us to retrace the exploits of this underworld boss. From the petty theft of adolescent Liberty City to relocation to Vice City to form its own gang, our task will be to extend the network of relationships of the criminal organization of its own alter-ego.

The main campaign, according to the “rumorista”, should be particularly deep and with mature tones, while for all the more “light” activities based on the free exploration of the immense game map, Rockstar’s leaders should push users to participate in the Online component of GTA 6.

As for the timing of marketing and the shortlist of platforms on which this project will come to light, the anonymous source believes that the Grande R already has in mind a hypothetical launch window but that, to fix it definitively, it intends to wait for the trend of sales of PS5 and Xbox Scarlett since the new chapter of Grand Theft Auto, according to him, cannot run on the consoles of this generation due to memory limitations.