League Of Legends: In China, The Match Fixing Case Breaks Out, With Four Involved

League Of Legends China

The LDL (LoL Development League) is the minor professional league of the League of Legends of the Chinese region. Why does it rise to the headlines? Well, the match-fixing phenomenon seems to be widespread, that is to say, the match between players, who agree on the progress of the match.

The reasons are quite obvious: economic interest, first of all. The export betting round grows more and more. Secondly, there is a reason based on ranking issues.

The Chinese division of Riot Games yesterday announced penalties for four professional players. After a thorough investigation, it emerged that the four would be involved in the manipulation of some matches.

Three players from the Rogue Warriors Shark: mid-laner CaoCao, bottom-laner Zhanzhao and FengXian received a ban from all tournaments for 18 months. The XiaoYao jungler, who plays in the major line-up competing in the LPL, the Rogue Warriors, was also penalized and banned for 18 months.

As for the Rogue Warriors Shark coach, Sheng Liao, and manager Li Kai Hao, they received official warnings for failing to properly monitor their players.

The Rogue Warriors Shark finished the LDL Spring 2019 in third place and were preparing for the quarter-finals. Unfortunately for them, they were automatically disqualified from the tournament.