Root Letter: Last Answer Will Arrive In The West On PC, Switch And PS4 In 2019

Root Letter- Last Answer

The leaders of PQube fulfill the dream of the many Western visual novelists from Japan announcing the transposition for the European and North American market of Root Letter Last Answer, the graphic adventure of Kadokawa Games published in December in the motherland with the praise of fans and critics.

The Last Answer version of Root Letter enriches the already splendid playful and narrative experience of the original title with live action sequences and a broader screenplay, designed for both lovers of the genre and for those, attracted by the quality of this project, intends to approach only now this type of video game products.

The title will revolve around the events experienced by an old pen pal of Aya Fumino, a girl who was allegedly involved in a tragic murder 15 years ago. Rereading carefully the old letters sent by Aya, our task will be to reconstruct the puzzle of events and use the correspondence between the two friends to get to the bottom of the riddle, all with the evocative setting of the terraced houses and neighborhoods of the Japanese suburb of Shimane prefecture.

The Western version of Root Letter Last Answer will arrive on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch during the second half of 2019: as often happens in these cases, the commercial success of this version will determine the future destiny of the Western transposition of Root Letter 2, currently under development at Kadokawa Games.