Starlink: Battle For Atlas: Crimson Moon Star Fox Shows Itself In Action On Nintendo Switch

Starlink: Battle For Atlas: Crimson Moon

Ubisoft recently announced new content for Starlink Battle for Atlas, some of which are exclusive to Nintendo Switch and dedicated to the famous Star Fox.

During the last appointment with the video book of the House of Kyoto “Nintendo Minute”, the two traditional conductors were able to show exclusive gameplay of Starlink Battle for Atlas: Crimson Moon. Kit and Krysta have therefore experimented with the new DLC of the Ubisoft title, offering the public the opportunity to take a closer look at the latest on Nintendo Switch.

The version of Starlink for the Grande N hybrid console will see the presence of content linked to Star Fox and its famous space crew. The episode of Nintendo Minute has about ten minutes of gameplay as protagonists and therefore represents an interesting opportunity to explore the features presented by Crimson Moon on Nintendo Switch. As per tradition, you can find it directly at the beginning of this news: we wish you a good vision! 

Please note that the new Crimson Moon DLC will be available to Starlink players: Battle for Atlas starting Tuesday, April 30th. In closing, we also point out that, recently, Ubisoft has announced the publication of a PC version of Starlink Battle for Atlas.