The Bloodborne Board Game Has Raised Over 1.8 Million Euros On Kickstarter

The Bloodborne Board Game

Launched on 23 April, the fundraising for Bloodborne’s board game exceeded all expectations, currently raising over 1.8 million euros 14 days after the end of the campaign …

To date, CMON has obtained funding of €1,850.855 from 20,000 supporters, against an initial target set at € 178,000. This figure will allow the authors to propose a game even more cared for, especially with regard to the miniatures, with four hunters, over 28 enemies, and 5 bosses ready to do battle on the board.

The Bloodborne board game will allow ” up to four hunters to venture into the lands of Yharnam “, the pack will include in addition to the cited miniatures also 100 cards, tokens, tokens and expansion boards for the board.

If you want to leave your pledge you still have 14 days before the Bloodborne The Board Game Kickstarter campaign comes to an end.