Too Many Restrictions For Apex Legends Tournaments: It’s For Pro Players

Apex Legends Restrictions

After reaching 50 million active users in just a month thanks to the massive advertising of streamer and gaming personality, Apex Legends has undoubtedly become Fortnite’s number one public enemy, reaching all the peaks of the popularity rankings previously held by the title Epic Games.

A constant presence between Twitch streaming and gamer preferences which, however, lasted relatively little: the first cause is to be found in the offer of the first Battle Pass, considered unsatisfactory by the many fans of the first hour.

However, as often happens, there were and are numerous organizations that have decided to invest in the competitive scene of Apex Legends by hiring players and influencers of the Respawn Entertainment title, even if the company still had no official plan for the export component of the video game.

At present the tournaments are organized by third parties that organize events and competitions: organizers that until now have had sufficient free field, finding also the appreciation of the participants. A situation that ended with the recent announcement of the disclosure of mandatory guidelines dictated by Electronic Arts regarding the organization of tournaments dedicated to Apex Legends.

The most important regards the maximum allowed for the prize money: 10,000 Dollars per year. A figure that is basically ridiculous and far from the reality of the competitive scene. These are figures that would have blinked ten years ago but in the era of a millionaire, jackpots are certainly not adequate.

A second restriction concerns the impossibility of transmitting tournaments on traditional TV channels, while new media such as Twitch, Youtube, Facebook and their “colleagues” are not affected. Even broadcasters, however, have a limit: the maximum revenue they can get from marketing also comes to 10,000 dollars.

Limits that have not met the favor of professional players at all. Not because it directly affects their interests, but because it would hit hard the attraction of tournament organizers and their source of support, or prize money and revenues, influencing gamers.

Chris ” Bixle ” Dunbar, one of the best known Apex Legends personalities, defined the new rules as ” launching a bone and nothing more to the organizers of the community events. 

Even more lapidary is Alex ” AlexJJ ” Campbell, Rogue player: ” How to destroy your game. 

The future of Apex Legends, so prosperous after the first month, seems to be hanging by a thread today. EA did a great job in publicizing the title but would probably now need to examine the reasons for its success, reporting on Apex that atmosphere that was breathed in the first days of life of the Respawn branded creature.