Will Half-Life VR For Valve Index Be Announced This Week?

Half-Life VR

According to some rumors released by PCGamer, this week Valve could announce Half-Life VR as an index viewer launch game. The news is not yet officially confirmed.

Tyler Wilde, the author of PCGamer, reveals how the reveal of Half-Life VR would have been initially planned for May 1st, a date later shifted by a few days probably to avoid overlapping with the reveal gameplay of Borderlands 3, scheduled for tomorrow (Wednesday 1 May) at 7.00pm.

With Valve Index available from June 15th (at least according to the most recent leaks) the company cannot wait too long to present the viewer launch games, including the already mentioned Half-Life VR, together with two other developer titles internally from Valve … that among these can also be found the so loud Left 4 Dead 3 ? We will probably find out in the coming days …

We do not know anything about Half-Life VR at the moment and it is not clear if the project is a re-edition in Virtual Reality of the first chapter of the series (released in 1998) or a completely new title.