Borderlands 3: Environmental Interactivity, Bosses And Gameplay News

Borderlands 3

From the stage of the new event dedicated to Borderlands 3, Gearbox has confirmed that the new looter shooter will boast great environmental interactivity and different innovations for the gameplay.

As we could see in the introductory film of Borderlands 3, each Hunter in the Crypt will have new animations for the slide in the race and reach high surfaces overcoming protrusions.

Also from the game demo presented by Randy Pitchford, we learn that Borderlands 3 will boast many fights with the bosses, weapons with unpublished fire modes, characters with three distinct skill trees, greater environmental interactivity and enemies of the most refined artificial intelligence.

It will also be possible to use the barrels scattered around the map to cause damage to the area and the elementals to the unfortunate adversaries in the immediate vicinity, with spectacular explosions of fire, electric or radioactive.

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