Borderlands 3: Insight Editions Opens The Preorders For The Official Artbook


While waiting for Randy Pitchford and the guys from the Gearbox team to show us the gameplay reveal of Borderlands 3, the English publishing house Insight Editions goes ahead with the work and opens the preorders for the official Artbook.

As stated in the information sheet accompanying the opening of the book for the illustrated volume on Amazon UK, The Art of Borderlands 3 explores the iconic creation and design of the third chapter of the Gearbox Software looter shooter and reveals some interesting background on the previous episodes of the FPS saga of the Crypt Hunters.

The Artbook in question, whose sale is currently intended for the British public only (and therefore only available in English), will consist of 208 color pages and will propose the original material, with unpublished drawings, render and illustrations enriched by the comments of the respective artists. Considering the extraordinary level of detail and the uniqueness of the official Borderlands 3 cover, we are sure that the Insight Editions volume will offer us more than an anecdote regarding the creation of the game world, the characters and the endless weapons that will characterize the blockbuster shooter.