Days Gone: Still Receives Another Patch That Takes It To Version 1.07

Days Gone 1.07

Days Gone, the new exclusive branded Sony Bend Studio, continues to update itself every day to put a patch to the problems encountered by users in the last hours.

It seems that many people have had crash problems with the last Days Gone patch, which was published with the main objective of fixing problems with the sound sector. So, with great speed, the game development team immediately ran for cover by publishing the update to version 1.07, which will once again ask you for a download of just over 100MB and about 10 minutes for copying the files. The changelog of the patch in question is once again very vague and speaks only of improvements to the overall stability of the game, but it is very likely that this sentence refers to the crashes we were talking about above.

There is nothing left for us to do but invite you to update the game to verify the correct functioning of its latest version. Have you already taken a look at the Gone of the Poor Days created by a penniless user on Dreams? We also remind you that on our pages you will find numerous guides on how to repair Deacon’s bike and survive in Days Gone