Dreams: The Potential Of The Editor In One Of Our Olympics Party Games


The incredible variety of projects carried out by those who participated in the beta testing phase of Dreams pushed the writer to test the powerful editor of the Media Molecule sandbox. So here is an “Olympics party game attempt” created during the current Early Access phase of Dreams.

As I explain in the Tweets that accompany the publication of this mini-game in the Dreams digital Dream (sorry for the use of the singular first person but you can understand the difficulty in being cited as a source of your own news!), The project is almost born I joke with the sole intention of “probing the ground” in the hope, in doing so, of discovering how easy (and above all fun!) to use these development tools can be. All without having any specific skills and being completely lacking in programming languages.

The surprising welcome received by the Dreams community (and even by some members of Media Molecule) with the test level based on the Olympic specialty of the Corsa on the 200 meters has therefore induced the skilled author of this party game (???) to continue the work by adding the Shooting and Obstacle Course to the collection, with results that you can judge for yourself through the two tweets at the end of the article or by searching for “Olympic Dreams – Part Set” in the Dream Access of Dreams.

From an exquisitely practical point of view, the realization of this trio of interactive experiences devoted to local multiplayer (but also playable in singleplayer thanks to the refined artificial stupidity implemented) took two weeks of work for a total time of about 15 hours , most of them of which expenses to shape the settings and come to terms with the logical challenges offered by the multi-faceted development tools integrated in the Dreams editor.

Hoping not to be overwhelmed with criticism for the experiment carried out (I am open to all your suggestions for game modifications or additions!), On these pages the good Francesco Delrio discussed the Early Access of Dreams and the future prospects of the factory of dreams of Media Molecule, starting with the additions promised by the English authors with the May update of Dreams .