Earthworm Jim Is Back Exclusively On Intellivision Amico!

Earthworm Jim

Doug TenNapel and Tommy Tallarico confirm that they are committed to developing a new chapter in the Earthworm Jim series. According to the authors of the bravest saga of the history of video games, the project will be available exclusively on Intellivision Amico.

Presented at the end of October amid the general astonishment of those working in the sector and fans of video games grown on bread and arcade experiences with pre-Nintendo systems, Intellivision Amico will be available starting October 10th, 2020 at a launch price that should be included between 150 and 180 dollars. The console will host exclusively 2D games with an E10 + rating or lower, with prices per title that will not exceed 8 dollars.

The new act of the Earthworm Jim series, therefore, should make extensive use of the dedicated Intellivision Amico chip that promises to give high-quality two-dimensional gaming experiences, similar or even superior to that of other consoles.

Over the next few months, Tallarico and TenNapel are planning to show us game images and an explanatory trailer to dive once again into the colorful universe of this epic story launched in 1994 on SEGA Genesis and revived in the following years on the most disparate platforms.