Fortnite: Collecting The Infinity Gems Is Now More Difficult

Fortnite Gems

Although the Fortnite Battaglia Reale timed mode dedicated to Avengers Endgame has been online for a few days now, the developers continue to make changes to make the gaming experience as balanced as possible.

The last of these changes, as written in the post published on the official Twitter profile of the battle royale, concerns the time needed to collect the Infinity Gems. Until a few hours ago it took just 5 seconds to collect one of the small crystals and turn into the devastating Thanos, while from now on you will have to interact with the object for 7 seconds. This change was implemented to make the collection of Infinity Gems more complex and allow the members of the opposing team to have a handful of extra seconds to eliminate the players collecting them.

We remind you that yesterday was a day full of news for game lovers since the Inferno Package was released with 2,000 V-Buck and the chance to participate in Fortnite MAT with groups of 16 players or not has finally arrived. plus only 4. According to a new leak, Extraordinary Time Challenges could return, perhaps once again allowing for alternative styles for Season 8 costumes and the next Battle Pass for free.