Fortnite: Items for Sale on May 1st; The Restart Van Is Back!

Fortnite VAn

Today, May 1st, the Fortnite Battaglia Reale shop of objects did not welcome unpublished objects but continues to offer the popular Star-Lord set introduced at the Fortnite X Avengers event.

The set includes Peter Quill’s costume (1,500 V-Buck), the Si Balla emote (500 V-Buck) inspired by the now famous dance that performs at the end of the first Guardians of the Galaxy, the Milan hang glider (1,200 V-Buck) modeled on the features of the iconic spaceship. To follow, instead, find an overview of the other daily objects for sale:

  • Investigator costume (epic, 1,500 V-Buck)
  • Hang Glider Voyager (rare, 800 V-Buck)
  • Pickaxe Caliber (uncommon, 500 V-Buck)
  • Emote Lamacadabra (epic, 800 V-Buck)
  • Semprecentro Costume (uncommon, 800 V-Buck)
  • Emote Earth Crash (uncommon, 200 V-Buck)

In the night, meanwhile, Epic Games announced that it had restored the Reboot Van within competitive modes, such as the Arena and Tournaments. This object, which allows players to bring their teammates back to life, was disabled last April 20 after the discovery of a bug that could alter the scores. We are happy that in the end it was all resolved.