Fortnite: Will Users Be Able To Vote For Which Weapon To Bring Back Into Play?

Fortnite Weapon

During the 8 different seasons of Fortnite Battaglia Reale, there are really many weapons that Epic Games has temporarily removed from the game and, in the next event, some of these could make their return.

According to the latest findings of the dataminer, who are working continuously to discover the surprises that the developers have in store for the fans of the battle royale, the next event could bring the players to the same alternative dimension visited on the occasion of the explosion of the Kevin Cube. In this particular area, players could have the opportunity to vote which item among those placed in the locker will make their return. It seems that among the objects that could come back into the game there are the following: jump platforms, grapple, airplane, Infinity Blade, Tommy gun and tactical submachine gun (the silenced one).

Before leaving you to the video that reveals the latest discoveries from the dataminer, we remind you that this is just rumor and that the next event could present completely different contents. In the meantime, it is possible to continue playing the time mode dedicated to Avengers Endgames, whose Infinity Gems are more difficult to collect starting today. On our pages you will also find all the details on Fortnite’s Inferno Package, containing a whole set of objects and 2,000 V-Buck.