Launch Of PS5: AMD Suggests That The Exit Could Take Place In 2020

PS5 2020

During the last conference with investors, AMD top management, in the person of managing director Lisa Su, offered a veiled indication of the PS5 launch period.

Commenting on the financial results achieved in recent months by the Californian technology giant, the CEO of AMD focused on the opportunities offered by future videogame platforms and stressed that she and the company’s top managers are “very satisfied with our partnership, we are tightening agreements with Sony for next-generation consoles. As for the semi-custom chip business, we still believe that in 2019 sales estimates will be substantially down, more or less than 20%”.

Linking the semi-custom chip sales estimates to the agreement with Sony for the production of Zen 2 CPUs and AMD Navi GPUs announced by Sony’s Mark Cerny among the PS5 technical specifications , Lisa Su then added, without doing further names, which “as we approach towards 2020, thanks to a specific customer of which I prefer not to talk, we believe that the sale of semi-custom will return steadily growing in 2020 and even beyond” .

The information pinned by the AMD boss confirms, albeit indirectly, the forecasts of the analytical company DigiTimes related to the large-scale production of AMD’s next-gen chips starting from the third quarter of 2020 , a time window that could allow Sony to market PS5 during the holiday season of 2020 or, at the latest, in early 2021, with a launch price of $400 or more.