PS4 And The Absence Of Cross-play: The Authors Of Dauntless Defend Sony

PS4 Cross-Play

Discussing the Dauntless with his colleagues at, Phoenix Labs CEO Jesse Houston focused on criticism of Sony for failing to open to Cross-Play on PS4 and claimed to be perfectly in line with the decisions taken by the gaming colossus Japanese.

“Sony has a vision for the players’ experience, and the way it provides an optimal experience is to strictly follow a protocol of rules and certifications,” the Phoenix Labs boss said, adding that ” many of these multiplatform systems break these rules intrinsically, so it is right that Sony is trying to take it calmly and understand what may work and what may not, rather than open the door to everyone indiscriminately “ .

In his speech, Houston then wanted to show his closeness to Sony’s upper echelons for “the undue backlash he had about it because there is a great deal of interest in this kind of functionality. Most people haven’t figured out how it works “Cross-Play really doesn’t know how many difficulties you have to overcome to guarantee it. They see it only as a renunciation, but it is not. How to manage payment? What happens if a player buys something on one platform and uses it on another, how do you reconcile revenue? There are tax implications in all this, and challenges with which to measure yourself”.

Recently, other industry players also wanted to express their opinion on this: Lewis Boadle of Fallen Tree Games, for example, believes that the pressure from the community and the developers will push Sony to revise its position very soon and open up permanently at the Cross-Play, both on PlayStation 4 and on the future PS5 .