Rage 2: Bethesda Presents The Enemy Faction Of Immortal Shrouds


The launch of RAGE 2 gets closer and closer and so the curators of the official website update the pages of the portal to offer us succulent advances on Immortal Sudars, one of the crazy factions that we will have the (dis) pleasure of facing by exploring the Devastated Zone of the new Bethesda open world FPS.

The band of mercenary bandits we will meet among the inhospitable lands of the Dune and Piana di Rottani regions will be composed of the heirs of the Sudari clan of the first RAGE: their boundless ambition will lead them to cross the road of many commercial convoys, from here their propensity to approach battles in ever-changing ways, with unique tactics and strategies based on a careful study of the setting and weaknesses of the opponent on duty.

Immortal Sudars will, therefore, be a constant threat to Walker and to those who want to follow the Last Ranger in his mission devoted to the destruction of the Authority and its criminal network based on the control of Nanotrits.

Thanks to the raids carried out in the shadow of the bizarre post-apocalyptic arcologies that pervade the Devastated Zone, the Immortal Sudars will boast a highly technological equipment that will include weapons dating back to the pre-Apophis era (the meteorite that, in the history of the series, will destroy the current human civilization), mimetic field generators and devastating vehicles.

The dystopian and crazy future outlined by RAGE 2 awaits us on May 14th on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.