Sea Of ​​Thieves: The Anniversary Update Is Available, Here Is All The News

Sea Of ​​Thieves

As promised for weeks now, the highly anticipated Sea of ​​Thieves Anniversary Update has finally been released and all owners of a copy of the Rare title can download it for free.

Among the main innovations included in the update, we obviously find the Arena, PvP component that will allow us to fight against other ships within a limited area, in order to prevent the escape in the most difficult moments. Another addition is that of the Call of the Hunter, a new trade company led by the frightening Merrick, which will allow us to carry out quests related to hunting, fishing, and cooking. Even solo game enthusiasts will not be disappointed thanks to Tall Tales: Shores of Gold, a series of quests to complete in single-player during which you will explore new areas of the map and you’ll have to deal with characters never seen before. The objective hunters will also have a good deal to do since with the new update you will have another 1,000 points to unlock by completing the new activities.

Before leaving you to the video dedicated to the Anniversary Update, we remind you that the game is available exclusively on Xbox One and PC (Microsoft Store) with support for cross-play and Play Anywhere. Did you know that Sea of ​​Thieves has had 5 million players for a few weeks?