Star Citizen Will Be Playable For Free Until May 9th

Star Citizen

To celebrate the arrival of the Alpha 3.5 version, the developers of Star Citizen have decided to make the game available to all users for a whole week.

By registering an account (or by logging in if you have one and in the past you have participated in other similar initiatives) on the official website of the game you can, in fact, download the game and play in a freeway from today until next May 9, 2019 at 8 am : 59 in the morning . The trial version will provide you with lots of new ships, including the Anvil Arrow, the Aegis Avenger Titan, the Drake Cutlass Black, the Drake Dragonfly, and the MISC Prospector.

These are the main new features of the update to the Alpha 3.5 version:

  • Ability to customize your avatar and create a female one
  • The new planet called ArcCorp, on which you can visit the Area 18, Landing Zone
  • New flight model
  • AI-controlled bounty hunters who will visually attack players with a bounty on their heads
  • Improvements to the implementation of FoIP and VoIP technologies, thanks to which it will improve communication with other users

We remind you that Star Citizen is a title currently under development and will be expanded next year with the Squadron 42 single-player campaign. Did you know that some private investors have invested 46 million dollars in Star Citizen?