Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap Is Coming To Ios And Android

Wonder Boy The Dragon's Trap

Thanks to the incredible success of Wonder Boy: The Dragon’s Trap, DotEmu, and LizardCube have decided to bring the game even on the main portable platforms.

To celebrate the remarkable milestone of the 500,000 copies sold, the developers announced with a short trailer that the two-dimensional action-platformer will arrive on Nvidia Shield and on iOS / Android devices starting next May 30th. The new versions of the game, which will cost around € 9.00, curated by Playdigious. For those not familiar, the team in question has already been involved in the mobile porting of titles such as Teslagrad and Evoland II. In the announcement of the mobile versions of the game, it is also specified that those who decide to buy the title on a smartphone or tablet will have nothing to envy to those who have played it on PC and console since they can enjoy an experience right away “premium”.

We also remind you that those responsible for the game are currently working on Streets of Rage 4, of which a new trailer is available featuring two unpublished characters.