Xbox Adaptive Controller Used In Rehabilitation Centers For War Veterans


According to reports from colleagues in the magazine The Verge, Microsoft’s top management would have made an agreement with the Department of American Veterans Affairs to bring the Xbox Adaptive Controller to twenty-two rehabilitation centers of the US federal agency.

The praiseworthy initiative of the Redmond giant was born to meet the needs of those who, among the former combatants of the United States armed forces, want to overcome their motor disabilities to get closer (or approach for the first time) to video games and technological applications that use complex inputs.

As noted by Phil Spencer of Microsoft’s Xbox division, the Adaptive Controller can be used by war veterans to perform therapeutic and rehabilitative activities thanks to its accessibility and ease of use: if used in such a context, the device created by Microsoft allows to improve hand-eye coordination, promote social activities and enhance muscle activity.

“We believe that this is the right thing to do” , is the thought expressed by Spencer at the editorial office of The Verge before adding that “there are scenarios like this where all the people of the world meet, of different ages, genders, and environments socio-cultural, and in such a context video games acquire a new meaning and power. We want to allow these people to play like everyone else, surely we will do more in the future but this is a great first step. 

The work done by Microsoft on the subject of accessibility has allowed the Xbox Adaptive Controller to enter the prestigious list of the 50 most important inventions of 2018 for the US magazine TIME.