Bayonetta 3 Will Be Different From The Previous Ones, Reveals Inaba Of Platinum Games

Bayonetta 3

In an interview recently granted to colleagues from VideoGamesChronicles, the Platinum Games boss, Atsushi Inaba, returned to talk about Bayonetta 3 to illustrate the approach taken by his development team to shape the design and dynamics of game of the new chapter of this iconic series.

After an in-depth study of Astral Chain and the company’s intentions to dedicate itself to the development of new intellectual property in the future, Inaba touched on the subject of Bayonetta 3 and reiterated Platinum Games’ desire to create a slightly different game from the previous chapters.

“The process of designing the game is different from the others,” Inaba commented, suggesting that this change of approach derives from the experience his authors have gained with the past episodes of this now historic action series.

In September last year, on the other hand, the leaders of Platinum Games said they were satisfied with the progress made in the development of Bayonetta 3, only to take refuge for months in an unusual media silence that this interview with VGC certainly helped to break. From here to E3 2019 in mid-June, therefore, we will most likely find out what the intentions of the Inaba team are regarding Bayonetta 3 and its future exclusive marketing on Nintendo Switch.