Borderlands 3: A New Trailer Shows The Novelties Of The Gameplay

Borderlands 3: A New Trailer

Gearbox Software and 2K Games offer a first look at the Borderlands 3 gameplay in action, along with a detailed presentation consisting of a live game session and new details about game worlds, weapons, mechanics and more.

Members of the Gearbox development team showed 2 of the 4 new crypt hunters: Zane, the expert assassin specialized in the use of technological gadgets, and Amara the mermaid, a skilled fighter able to summon ethereal punches with which to smash the enemies. Together they faced new sessions within Pandora, the classic planet of Borderlands, and then moved to a completely new planet, the futuristic neon-filled Promethea cityscape. 

During the presentation, a new trailer was shown highlighting the potential of Borderlands 3: the title of the largest and richest content series seen to date. A look at new enemies, places, weapons and more new content that will arrive in the coming months until the launch on September 13th.