Borderlands 3 In Action In Some Gameplay Videos Showing Boss Fights And Customization Options

Borderlands 3 gameplay videos

As you know, the gameplay of the highly anticipated Gearbox 3 in a reveal event was finally revealed yesterday. A first taste of the new chapter of the series we proposed you yesterday, together with our preview.

Today, thanks to some videos published by IGN, we can learn more about Borderlands 3.

Specifically, the movies show two boss fights and customization options present at Sanctuary, which will be our home base.

In the first video, we can see the fight against one of the initial bosses, Giga-Mind :


Below, another boss fight, this time against Mouthpiece, one of the high-ranking members of the Children of the Vault faction:

We continue with the video dedicated to customization options, which also shows the locations and citizens of Sanctuary:

Finally, the movie with the entire gameplay demo shown yesterday:

How about?

We remind you that the expected Borderlands 3 will arrive on September 13th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.