Borderlands 3: New Information On The Skills Of Zane And Amara

borderlands 3

Directly from the Borderlands 3 gameplay reveal streamed by Gearbox in Los Angeles, the US development company showed the skill trees of Zane and Amara, two of the four Crypt Hunters that we will play while exploring the worlds of this awaited looter shooter.

In discussing the powers of Zane and Amara, the team led by Randy Pitchford confirms the presence for each character of three trees of skill to evolve freely by participating in single-player and cooperative activities. Zane’s triple Skill Tree, for example, will be particularly rich and will include, among other things, the Digiclone power (to create a digital copy of itself and confuse its enemies), Sentinel (an autonomous combat drone to freeze, attack , weakening or bombing enemies) and Barrier (a defensive ability that creates a temporary shield to deflect enemy fire and confer unique bonuses for itself and allies in the vicinity).

Even Amara will not be outdone and will boost skills and powers that are becoming increasingly devastating, with ample possibilities for customization and unique specialties that will delight the fans of the series.

As reiterated by Pitchford and companions, the release of Borderlands 3 is scheduled for September 13 on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. On these pages, you will also find insights dedicated to the Crypt Hunters and their next adventure against the henchmen in the wake of the evil Calypso Twins, with a focus on the introductory film and on the activities to be carried out in the cooperative mode.