Borderlands 3: Noctis’ Voice Actor Will Give The Voice To Rhys

Borderlands 3 noctis

After some controversy erupted in recent months, the official voice of Rhys arrives in Borderlands 3: the voice actor of the character will change, and now he will have the voice of Ray Chase, the former voice actor of Noctis in Final Fantasy XV.

The actor himself announced it through his Twitter profile, declaring that he was inspired by Troy Baker’s successful performance in Tales from the Borderlands, but at the same time confirming that he will try to give a new interpretation to the role.

As said at the beginning, there had been a bit of a maretta on the role of the character, and some mutual accusations between Troy Baker himself and the software house. The actor had declared, shortly after the announcement of Borderlands 3, that he had not been contacted to resume the role of Rhys, while Randy Pitchford, Gearbox CEO, had refuted this version revealing that the game’s Audio Director had contacted Baker, but the latter had refused.

Be that as it may, what is certain is that the character will have a different voice and that the new voice actor seems to be motivated enough to do a great job. In the meantime, on our website, you will find all the information on Borderlands 3 you are looking for after the reveal took place yesterday. What do you think of the Borderlands 3 gameplay? How long are you waiting for the Gearbox looter shooter?